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I have recently moved to using eclipse, and have been picking up the nuances quite well. However, I have not been able to find out how to make Eclipse recognize Processing's built in classes and functions. Therefore, the intelligent auto-complete does not work and I cannot see what methods are available. I followed the instructions for setting up a processing sketch in Eclipse from the Processing site

Where can I find the jar or zip or whatever that contains the API for Processing?

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    Hello ! It's weird...

    Did you use "proclipsing" ? I bet you didn't. :)

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    You need to add Processing's core.jar file to the Build Path. Also if you want to use P2D or P3D you need to add additional jars.

    Right click on the project name in Project Explorer window and select Build Path > Configure Build Path. In the dialog box select Add External JARs and add Processing jars. It should look something like this. (BTW You do not need the 2 pde jars)

    External JARs

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  • @quark, I added the entire processing-2.2.1/core/library folder to the build path (each jar individually, not the folder), but it still wasn't working. Maybe a weird setting in my workspace or something? Idk.

    @tlecoz, its funny you said that because I actually continued googling after posting this and found the proclipsing website. I installed it and it worked like a charm :D

    Thanks to both of you for your help.

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