how can I manually install processing modes?

I would like to manually install python mode on a machine that doesn't have internet. I don't see a way to do this from the Github repo. Does anybody know how this might be done?


  • I guess Python Mode is more complicated to install than both JS & CS Modes! :(

  • If you can install it on another computer, you can copy the folder created in the modes directory of the sketchbook folder.

  • Hi surfmex, I had to do something similar when I installed tyfkda ruby mode, it was a bit tricky if I can remember correctly 'cos you have to fool the ide that you have installed the mode (which in the case of ruby mode it does not know about). There is some sort of registry of installed modes/version.

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    @originalsurfmex: Look here for using Python mode outside of the PDE, if that's an option for you.

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    Download this: ... and put it into <sketchbook>/modes/

  • Just tried fjen's solution but it still doesnt show up as a mode option :(

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