Replacing static color with HSB

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I am working with a kinect and am tracking movement to draw on the program. I am trying to have the line change color by having a gradient rainbow. I have a code that works with the built in camera, but when I switch it to the kinect, it becomes green but does not change color.

At first, the code looks like: color[] userClr = new color[]{ color(255,0,0);

I then changed it to: color[] userClr = new color[]{ color (HSB, HUE, 1, 5)

Thank you!


  • Hello I am wondering have you figured this out yet?

  • Hello icekerim! Yes I did!

    There are multiple parts to my code that enabled this to work. I'm not a professional at code, but I hope this will help! Please note that there is a lot of other code that could change how this works.


    static final int HUE = 1<<10, FPS = 200, TOLERANCE = 40, ALIASING = 2;
    void setup(){  
         colorMode(HSB, HUE, 1, 1);
     void lines(ArrayList<PVector> vl, PVector p2d, int distance, int thickness) {
       int fc = frameCount;
      stroke (fc++ & HUE-1, 1, 10);


    These are all the aspects that I'm pretty sure affects the color. I'll be posting my whole code in a second, so you can check it out if you have a kinect.

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