Generative Design Library : Problem with jpen-2.jar

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Hello, I try to use the library with Processing 305, but there is problem with the tablet I think invalid Class-Path header in manifest of jar file: /Users/stanislasmarcais/Documents/Processing/libraries/GenerativeDesign/library/jpen-2.jar

I don't if it's the same problem few time agon with the Library Tablet of CodeantiCode may be, see on Github



  • I try and it's a solution : just remove the jpen-2.jar and copy and past the.jar from the library tablet of Codeanticode.

  • Hi Stanlepunk,

    I have the same issue.

    Could you give me a link for Codeanticode the .jar file? Or send it via email :

    Thank you in advance, Petras

  • I deleted the line as @Manindra29 said at it works.

  • I don't know exactly, look in the Github post.

  • Ok I've got the same problem on OSX Yosemite ( invalid Class-Path header in manifest of jar file: [...]/Processing/libraries/GenerativeDesign/library/jpen-2.jar) but I can't make sense of any of the above. Does anyone have a solution?

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