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Hi, Over the past few weeks i have been trying to get my processing sketch to run on a credit card computer, so far i have tried the raspPi and after getting processing to work it was obvious it wasn't going to be quick enough for my programme, so i have now moved on to the beagle board as my thinking was it runs android and i will be able to export my programme straight to it using processing.

So far i have tried to install processing onto the angstrom image and failed miserably. I then got the android image running on it but processing wouldn't see it as a device and export it to there?

I'm really struggling with ideas now and need to get this up and running so if anyone has got this working or has any advice that would be great, i have trawled the internet for weeks trying to get this to work and to no avail.

Thanks Josh



  • I too have tried unsuccessfully to run my Processing exported application on Beaglebone Black's Angstrom, nor could I get Processing itself to run.

    Has anyone succeeded in getting a Processing application to run on the BBBK?

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