Webcam versus Firewire in Windows 8 (with the Jmyron library)

Hello I am running into hardware issues that perhaps someone here knows a workaround. I am using a PC and windows. For several years I have been making interactive installations using video tracking: the Jmyron library in Processing, which has functioned marvelously for me. I use this set up: cctv type microcameras to a multiplexer, then I digitize this signal via a "Hollywood Dazzle" device and a firewire cable to a pci slot. Then Processing reads these quads (sometimes more) as a single window, and it has always worked (from windows xp all the way to 7). Then comes windows 8: Processing seems to prefer the built-in webcam to the firewire bus. On previous version of windows, the firewire bus would naturally override the webcam, provided I had first opened a video capture in Windows Maker, and then shut it down before running the Processing sketch. In Windows 7, which had no native video capture software, I used this great open source video editor called Capture Flux. The webcam never interfered. With Windows 8, no matter what I try, Processing defaults to the webcam, which for my purposes is useless. I have an exhibition coming up real soon, and there is no way I am going to have the time to rewrite all that code for Open CV or other newer libraries. I am curious if anyone has had similar problems, found a work around? Is there a way of disabling the webcam in Windows 8 (temporarily of course, because I need it to be operational for other applications), or some other solution? Thank you!

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