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Does anyone know how to get emojis to show up?? Everytime I try to type it in it shows up as a square. I know you can use "\u1F601" to get unicode characters to show up, but it doesn't work with emojis for some reason?



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    Show up where? this forum or in Processing?
    Java's char type is 16-bit. Anything past it gonna need 2 of it in order to get 1 character!
    Look for surrogate UTF16 codes! Warning: Advanced stuff!

  • If you mean "in Processing", you need to load a font that contains these characters.

  • I have no idea what any of this means. Can anyone give me an example of how to accomplish this?

  • How about you give us some code related to your problem? We're not sëers! (~~)

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    I can't post emojis here in the forum...

    I mean the menu with the smiley doesn't show up...


  • @spaghetti: see createFont(). Specify a font on your system that contains emoji characters. Should be recent, because I believe these have been added around Unicode 6.0.

    @Chrisir: I saw the same issue, but they seem to be back now.

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    I am certain GoToLoop knows how to put all of the emojis on the forum... that being said, in Safari I see a smiley drop down menu at the top right of the text area for inserting them

    Edit: There are often formatting problems in posts, perhaps something could be pinned to the top of the forum about common posting problems like formatting code. Could include the emojis as well

  • Not all, b/c there are some which aren't working! And 1 which is repeated in the table! L-)

  • I just tried using Firefox instead of Safari and still see the smiley drop down menu at the top right of the text area

  • Thanks...


    atm it works...


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