Projection Mapping with proper 3D geometry calibration

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out if there are any new techniques out there for doing projection mapping either within processing or using a third party software. I am aware of keystone and the other libraries that use the Java Advanced Imaging homography method to project a pgraphics canvas onto a plane but I am looking for a different, hopefully more complete, solution.

I want to be able to project a whole 3d scene back onto its physical equivalent. Specifically I want to recreate the physical scene in 3d in processing, transform/manipulate the 3d geometry and then project back on the physical scene. Essentially the problem comes down to calibrating a 3d view of the scene to the physical geometry and project it.

Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I would advise you to consult the professional project mapping team rather than using a third party software and Make sure you consult the top rated 3D Project Development Companies in UAE...

  • This is a really loaded question and would surely take anyone a long time to build a tool for this (especially in processing).

    If you can build a 3d model of your environment and save as .OBJ, what you can do to at least start this process is load it in Processing and mess with scale, camera angle (perspective), and rotation to try and get it to align with your real world environment.

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