SimpleOpenNI v1.96 Error: no devices found

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Hello, I'm using Processing 2.2.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

I've gotten the non-processing OpenNi samples to all work, and can verify the Kinect4Windows device is in fact working.

However, when attempting to run any of the Processing OpenNi samples from within the IDE I'm getting:

SimpleOpenNI Error: Can't open device: DeviceOpen using default: no devices found

I'm poking around on this forum, and Google in hopes it's something simple.

If anyone has any time to help me troubleshoot, I would greatly appreciate it.



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    Thanks for the reply @elevator7, but unfortunatly that's not the same problem I'm encountering.
    It's not the processing code that's giving me errors, because I'm loading the Processing OpenNI example scenes.

    It's the communication between Processing and SimpleOpenNI. It just isn't able to initialize SimpleOpenNI for some reason.

    I'm able to run the Kinect from the SimpleOpenNI /Sample folder without using Processing, and all the sample files works as expected.

    But trying to initialize the Processing OpenNI examples won't find the camera...

    I've been through this forum backwards and forwards in an attempt to find a clue. I'll continue to do so.

    Hopefully, someone familiar with SimpleOpenNI and Processing might chime in. :-)

    Thanks again,

  • Does anyone know: Does Processing need permissions to access the USB ports!?
    Does SimpleOpenNI and Processing work with the Kinect4W 1517?


  • Still banging my head against the keyboard on getting Processing to initialize SimpleOpenNI to see the kinect.

    I've literally re-installed OpenNI, and SimpleOpenNI, and again, can get the non-processing samples to work.

    But still researching why Processing example sketches won't initialize SimpleOpenNI..

    Mayday. Mayday.

  • Well, I've moved to Windows, and lo-and-behold, everything just turns on and works.
    grrr So I'll still try to get the linux rig to work, but for now I'm in business. Thanks for reading.

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    On a note: Once I swapped out the Windows Developers Kinect, to the Runtime Xbox Kinect 1473, all the problems went away, and now Linux and processing read the hardware perfectly.

    Just wanted to share.

  • Well I was wondering through the forums and found this thread, hope this work, although its too late, simpleopenni doesn't work with kinect models 1473, or the kinect for windows models, as far as I know, only the OpenNI/OpenNITE can work with them.

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