Question about number of users

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Hello guys, im working on a sketch that projects some words in the floor arround each user detected. I am using the SimpleOpenni library. I would like to know wich is the best way to initialize the simpleOpennni object since i have read this article that saids:

Using the infrared (IR) camera, Kinect can recognize up to six users in the field of view of the sensor. Of these, up to two users can be tracked in detail. An application can locate the joints of the tracked users in space and track their movements over time.

Tracking 6 users would be fine but 2 users will be too little for this application. I have read the simpleOpenni documentation that comes with the library and couldn't find anything about a maximun number of users. Im not interested in tracking the skeleton of the users, just need the "center of mass" i guess. Do you have any suggestions?

Here is my code:

import SimpleOpenNI.*;

SimpleOpenNI  context;

void setup()
  context = new SimpleOpenNI(this);
  if(context.isInit() == false)
     println("Can't init SimpleOpenNI, maybe the camera is not connected!"); 

  // enable depthMap generation 

  // enable skeleton generation for all joints
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