Import problems on Android Mode

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This test code was working fine until I changed the Processing 2.2.1 to Android Mode. On it,it says that package does not exist.




And, I don't know how to solve this, considering that I'm using Processing library itself...

Any deas?

P.S.: If i got it, Proecssing it's not reading its own libraries, or sub-library... something like this... (


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    The video library is not supported in Android mode because it requires binary files that aren't compiled for ARM processors. In fact, none of the core libraries are supported in Android mode. Depending on your use of the library, you will have to use some alternative...

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    I'd reeallly need it for a video steaming using UDP and for reading the QRcode) So they're not supported at all?

    I found a video.jar (part of the video-capture library) and added it to the project. But, considering I don't have the capture method, it crashed anyway. I've tried to compile the processing-video library (, but I always am not able to configure ANT properly ¬¬

    (this is what I get with video.jar:

    I still hoping that, if I can compile it, I'd be able to use processing as an external library, like I did with the video.jar... or, somehow, use the Processing library on another software, on the worst case =/

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