Trying to run Processing IDE and Arduino IDE under Ubuntu 14, and they collide

I have always noticed that the processing and arduino IDEs collide to some extent. Setting the current directory for one changes the other one (under windows). Thats annoying, but on Ubuntu, the problem is more serious. I installed processing by hand (there is no package I could find) and I installed arduino using apt-get.

To run arduino, since it is in the path, I can simply type arduino. To run processing, I type:


I am dealing with a class of novice programmers new to linux, so I wanted to create icons to click on. The easiest way on Ubuntu is to right click on the launcher while the program is running, and lock it to the task bar.

However, both applications use the Processing icon, and both share the same launcher button. Is there any way for me to separately configure each, and create a separate launcher for each?


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    Dunno whether it helps, but here's my ".desktop" launcher file for Processing 2.0.2:

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Processing 2
    Name[en_US]=Processing 2
  • Hi all! I am new to the forum, but I do have lots of experience with Arduino... and yet, same here! I am still stuck here with this issue and I am also with a class pending about this matter. Has someone crack that out? Thks Renato

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    GotoLoop is right, this works.

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