Java permissions blocking sketches on OpenProcessing

Everytime I try to run a java sketch on I get and error like this

I've already added to my exception site list. This is a Windows 8 system with Java 7 Update 51.

Anyone have this problem or know how to fix it?!


  • You would have to add whatever domain is hosting the jars (it says what that is in the error message) to your exception list. You might want to contact the developer of the code and ask him to host it on OpenProcessing instead (unless OpenProcessing itself is hosting the jars on another domain).

  • The same problem for me. Windows 7 and windows 8 with Java 7. I think this is a general problem with Java 7 and openprocessing. Anyone have a solution?

  • The problem appears to be caused by OpenProcessing hosting their jar files on another domain.

    You can either contact OpenProcessing to see if they can redirect their main domain to their jar host, or you can add the jar hosting domain to your whitelist.

    The other solution would be for the creators of the programs to sign their jars with a paid certificate.

  • same issue here with win 7 & 8

  • Guys, this isn't a bug or anything. This is how the newer Java versions are designed to act. You can disagree about the merits of the design, but it's not a bug.

    Since this isn't a bug, there is no "bugfix" coming. I've outlined the only 3 options you have: get OpenProcessing to change how they do their hosting, whitelist the jar hosting domain(s), or get the author of the sketches to sign their jars with a paid certificate.

  • I couldn't find a way to fully whitelist http://* since Java Security Panel doesn't accept *. :(
    Also it's unfeasible to ask for JApplet posters to buy certificates for their simple experimental sketches! [-X

    At least for OpenJDK 7u51 I can still find in its IcedTea Web Control Panel this option:
    "Allow users to grant permissions to content from an untrusted authority".

    BtW, sites like are easy to whitelist! B-)

  • Can someone explain how this design isn't a complete joke?

    Honestly asking because open processing is essentially unusable to the average consumer who might be curious to see really basic examples.

  • Rather than trying to run from the browser, we can copy the source files and compile them inside PDE.
    Nonetheless, I expect most sketches gonna use PJS instead of JApplets now! 8-|

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