Empty list on "Add tools" or "add library"...

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Hi everybody. I am a newbie of processing. I just installed it on my Ubuntu box, and was trying to add more tools and library as well. The thing is when I click on "Add tool" - or "add library"- or even "Add mode" - an empty list appears. So I have no chance to install new libraries, nor tools...or whatever. The same happens on my Windows 7 box as well. Does someone have a hint for me? Thanks!



  • Dunno. Firewall? :-??

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    it seems a problem of the site (or repository?, I don't know) to me.

    Here, where usually has the contributed libraries list, has nothing. http://www.processing.org/reference/libraries/

    and 'add library' on processing IDE doesn't work either.

  • A few weeks ago some of the contributed libraries disappeared for a while. The developers were working on the scripts that build the page and introduced a bug. Hopefully this is more of the same and will be fixed soon.

  • Ok, but how can happen that you are running the very same version as mine - 2.2.1 - and this feature works for you and not for me?

  • Yes, sorry about that! We are working on some enhancements for upcoming 3.0 of Processing, and a script broke this for existing 2.x installations.

    The Tools and Library Managers should be back up and working again now, but please let us know if you see any more problems. I'll be following this thread.

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    Hi, I was using processing 2.1 version and there was the option to download de Android and Python modes, although it appear to get bad, saying there wasnt any mode nside the file downloaded... but now I downloaded de Android sdk and the revs and stuff and now the modes don't even appear at all... have tried with Processing version 2.2.1and the python went ok but nothing in the list about android... the experimental mode was installed and now isnt appearing... btw Im using windows 8 64bits

  • @lavit this discussion has been answered so not many people will look at this discussion again. Also the solution has nothing to do with your problem. Please star a new discussion.

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