ecu fpga read rom image

I have the fpga ecu from a car. How can I read the rom and export it to a file (let's say firmware.bin) using processing serial ? how can I write a new firmware.bin into it ?



  • is here the proper place to post this ?

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    I'd suggest a hardware hacking forum.

  • which one ?

  • Try using "hacking fpga ecu" in Google and go from there ...

  • tried on hackaday still no answer.... is here anyone that can give me a clue on how it's done?

  • What makes you think that this device is accessible via the Serial port? I suppose you have some documentation somewhere. Do you think the instructions you have can be adapted to Processing?

  • it is accessible by the windows program to flash the device, I am required to make a program possibly in processing that does the same under linux the project will then run in a raspberry pi dedicated device

  • if you need more data I will be happy to provide, sadly I have no documentation since the test device has been detached from an old car. I have tested the rig and it works under windows . It is for a freelance job I took please help

  • Java is generally not a good fit for such task, as it is cross-platform, making hard to handle physical devices. Programs in C or C++ are a better fit for that.

  • processing has a nice interface and a lots of ready made libraries with examples, I would prefer to use it.

  • There's a Processing similar project call openFrameworks which uses C++ in place of Java:

  • I am trying it but it seems far less intuitive than processing. more in detail .... the ecu is connected via an ftdi/usbserial cable to my computer. All I need to do is download the content of the fpga eeprom. Hard doesn't mean impossible I hope. please help

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