True distance

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Hi . i'm creating a program that search the dangerous situation in a room.The fallen is a dangerous situation, so i use the center of mass to establish it. But when i get the center of mass coordinate in the real world i don't know what that number mean. when i stamp kinect.getCoM(userList[i], com); println(com);

x, y and z are centimeters, millimeters , inches ... what?? Thanks for the reply.


  • I don't think this answers easily

    x,y,z are pixels on the screen.

    When you paint a robot one pixel might represent 1 cm, when you paint a planet, 10 KM

    Now when you use different sensors as kinect also there signals depend from the sensor

    So I would advice to measure it yourself in some small experiment.

    then you need a function to go from pixels to centimeter

    I don't have a kinect so....


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