Eclipse and Android can't work with other systems

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I have a fully functioning program that run on android and developed with eclipse. There is one little problem: the program run well on my tests Android devices (samsung galaxy s2 and another little samsung with android 2.3, can't remember the name), even when I download it from google play. But every device that HAVEN'T been in contact with my computer to load the application, crash when the application startup.

I guess it is a problem with the export of android-core or something else, but I can't put the finger on it. I've already checked the "android-core.jar" box in properties>java build path>order and export (android-care is in last position, if that help).

I am a bit in a hurry since the application have been released and the crash report are arriving by thousand... The error are not always the same: outofmemoryError, nullpointer.... very diversified.

Could you please help me? Has anyone had the same problem? Thanks

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