Asus Xtion Pro Live for Mac OSX, SimpleOpenNI, and Processing

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Title is pretty much it: can you use the Asus Xtion Pro Live depth camera with a Mac and SimpleOpenNI drivers, and of course Processing?

I have Microsoft Kinects working fine, but I am interested in the Asus model as it is powered through the USB.




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    yeah, both asus xtions work well with the above combo... actually just tested my xtion w the latest of everything to see if it would have the issues i'm having with my kinect model 1473 = crashing -- it didn't. though i have run into issues with it not starting up with a processing app when the computer boots up (like if you're running an installation or something and you want to launch the app immediately when the computer powers on... my guess is that maybe it hasn't fully powered on yet when the app launches).

  • Thanks hightop, much appreciated!

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