Cannot get a export of 32-bits application?!?!

I had the following warning:

"The application.windows32 folder will not be created because no 32-bit version of video is available for windows"

Therefore the 32-bit folder is not created. I have to run it on a 32-bit tablet though. It says that the version of video cannot be played but I copied the video onto my tablet and I can play it.

Can anyone please tell me how to solve this problem?


  • Not too sure of what you mean, particularly at the "I copied the video" part.
    What version of Processing are you using?
    Have you tried to download the 32-bit version of Processing? You can have several versions of Processing on your computer, as long as put them in different folders.

  • If the video is an mp4 then it will run on most platforms because there will be a mp4 player installed.

    When you use play a video in Processing it is using a built in Processing library (not the plaform application) so you are not comparing like with like.

    Try PhiLho's suggestion re 32 bit Processing and let us know if it worked.

  • Need more information to get answer for your question

  • haha I got the problem solved. For some reason when I use the 64 bit version of processing it only export 64 bit folder. I switch to downloading the 32-bit version from the website then it works. Thanks though

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