Can someone rewrite this python code in processing?

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I need this program, but I only found it in python, and i have no idea how to write the same code in processing... Would be really great from you guys, if you could help me with that... Here is the website with the code:

thank you all simanu


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    Processing got a "Python Mode"! It's based on Java too. So I'm not too sure whether it has access to NumPy! :-SS

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    Just curious. Why exactly do you need a Processing/Java version of the code? Do you need something specific from Java that Python doesn't have? /:)

  • I'm just a lot more familiar with processing, and, as I already mentioned, I have no idea how Python works...

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    Well, Python is a really handy, usefull and easy to learn language. It's worth taking a closer look at! :)

  • So you say, that I should learn Python, just for this one program... :(

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    What I'm really asking is why do you need a Java version when you already have a version of Python which you can just as effectively run? Do you need the Processing code for understanding?

    P.S. Don't "accept" my comment as an answer. It is clearly not an answer to you request.

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    Yeah, I need the code for understanding in Processing, because I have to make a program, that is very similar to this one...

    P.S: I didn't know what exactly "accept" does, so I just pressed it^^ I'm new in this forum.

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