How to visualize agent's movement from GPS trajectories

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Hi I have a dataset of 10 cars each with its own GPS trajectory in Melbourne. Each trajectory is the set of spatio-temporal points where each point is associated with X,Y and time stamp. X, Y are latitude and longitude. I want to visualize how the cars were moving on different road segments in Melbourne. How can I do the following things-

1) import Melbourne map in the visualizer window

2) Georeference the Melbourne map

3) Overlay 10 GPS trajectories on Melbourne map (map and the trajectory should match by their coordinates so that if a car was in location A at time T it should exactly fall on location A at time T on the melbourne map on processing as well)

4) and running 10 loops in parallel for 10 cars to show their concurrent movements.

5) Zoom in and out at different granularities

Kindly advise how can I do this?


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