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Here is a sketch I made with a pal. I went to a software contest with it, but it wasn't innovative enough, so I thought someone could use some of it :

Special thanks to @Chrisir for helping me with the code!


  • It looks great!

    Thanks for sharing!

    For longer code I recommend the usage of tabs: one tab InputMouse, one tab InputKeyboard one tab Classes etc.

    Also your draw() is very long; it might be better readable if you use function for the things you want to show.

    Great work! A shame you didn't win...

    Best wishes, Chrisir


  • Thank you! At least I know I didin't work for nothing ;)

  • But I should add: "Special thanks to Chrisir!". Actually, I'm gonna do it right now!

  • Anyway, I was one of the smallest back there. I am 16, but others were 18 and 19 or even older. The commpetition was fierce, I had no chance. But I got in touch with a lot of good romanian programmers, so that could be helpful in the future. They pretty liked my projecct and the overall design :D

  • I can't believe you're only 16

    honestly, the layout is wonderful and you really got an eye for design

    you should grab a teacher and some friends and make a workshop every week

    Best, Chrisir ;-)

  • That really sort of chereed me up! Thank you a lot! Actually that's why I love Processing so much, because of the ease of writing so beautiful code and making so many things, especially drawing stuff. How many years did you think I was? :) Anyway, I'm not really sure what a workshop is, cause the term in romanian doesn't tell me anything, but anyway, my programming teacher doesn't like me because she knows I hate Pascal and I really do, I told her we should be learning something more "modern" than Pascal, like C# or Java or even Processing, but she goes with her old school methods. Cheeers!

  • workshop is just a group of others to meet regularly once a week to code together...

    you don't need a teacher, just some other guys, maybe older from other classes...

    we had that back in school

  • That sounds like fun. Even if we had this kind of things, I think they are rare. It would be nice though if I was in one of this :) In what country are you exactly?

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