OpenNI library broken?

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Good'ol Processing Community,

I am relatively new to processing(not to programming) and I wanted to try the OpenNI library with a kinect. At first I was really exited as I wanted to try the following tutorial CAN Phyisics tutorial for processing the first example code didn't worked so I googled the error and it seems they've changed the function in the new upgrade. Afterwards I was trying some code from "Making Things See" the following function " kinect.enableUser(SimpleOpenNI.SKEL_PROFILE_ALL);" did not worked either, I googled it again, and it seems the function was also changed in the last upgrade.

Is any of you aware of this problem, in that case does any of you know at which version do they upgraded this functions, in that case is it posible to downgrade, consequently should I do it or should I try to make my own path with the new version of the library.

Thanks a lot,


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