RSS feeds - is it still possible?

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Having read that the Yahoo weather RSS feed exercise from Daniel Schiffman's 'Learning Processing' book no longer works, I've been trying to find an updated version of that very simple exercise: access an RSS feed (for example the Yahoo weather feed) and use the XML data for something as basic as a 'println' statement, just to test that Processing is accessing the XML. Could anyone provide, or point me in the direction of such an example?



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    In Processing File->Examples... look at Topics->Advanced Data->XMLYahooWeather. It looks simpler than the Learning Processing example, but it works for me.

  • Thank you so much, I will take a look!

  • For anyone else who goes hunting for a reason why none of the tutorials on this subject seem to work anymore, it looks like a security issue has meant that connecting to a web-based RSS feed as easily as it is described in tutorials such as that in Daniel Schiffman's 'learning processing' book is no longer possible.

    I found this comment at the bottom of one tutorial: "For security reasons, a Processing sketch found online can only download files from the same server from which it came. (from Processing Reference - loadImage()). Thus, all examples from this tutorial do not work correctly if run on the web. Whether loading RSS feeds, or external images, the processing sketch is permitted to do this only if run offline". Source:

    I guess that answers my question, but I have just found something called Temboo which might enable me to connect to APIs on the web from Processing. Hope this info is useful to someone.

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