Article on automation: Improve your development life

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I wrote an article on automating development processes. It's a short blurb with some ideas on how to save time and speed up all those manual tasks that eat up your time. Even if you're just using the Processing IDE (and not Eclipse, etc.), you can still benefit from automation. For me, I had a lot of manual steps for backing up my work, processing images for sketches, and copying folders whenever I made a build.

Check it out:


  • hi!

    That's an excellent approach and thanks for sharing!

    I also think of a database or WIKI for one's own code snippets...

    I mean it would be cool to have those as libs or classes in an alphabetically or tagged or thematical WIKI...

    Or in th PDE in one step say ctrl-t, save, archive and run in one go.... instead of doing it each separatly (and forgetting to archive) - and do auto-sync with git-hub or some cloud to backup... so cool...

    All ideas you trigger with your way of thinking, so thanks!

    Best, Chrisir ;-)

  • Hey Chrisir,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    For code snippets, I've been storing them in a OneNote document, which can be organized by category, etc. It lets them be searchable as well, so it's quick to find anything in the notebook. The downside is that it's a memory hog and takes a while to boot up. You're right though; having an automated approach for storing and organizing code snippets would be a great idea. There are tons of cloud-based file and note storing systems (Dropbox, EverNote, Trello, etc), but none of them are really meant for storing code to my knowledge. This could be a good opportunity for someone to make a big splash.... Having it connect to the PDE in an automated way would be amazing as well. I think there MAY be some tools for this in Eclipse and/or Visual Studio, but I can't remember which one, and I don't know how it works behind the scenes...


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