Mouse Zones

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Is there such a feature as mouse zones for different shapes?




  • For instance, you take a image mask and overlay it on top of the background.

    Also, what about dynamic mouse zones that change over time?

  • What about intersecting mouse zones where two region are on top of each other and you have to choose between the two?

  • what about lasso mouse zones where you create your own using WYSIWYG?

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    is there a way to make the shapes clickable using an OOP methodology without too much code similar to actionscript? will this be a future feature? what about the concept of groups, etc.?

  • why isn't everything SVG and not pixel based?

  • "why isn't everything SVG and not pixel based?"
    Because that's the way Processing was designed... SVG was a late addition to Processing, anyway.

    To answer most of the other questions: Processing is a low-level, mostly bitmap-oriented, framework. It has no vector facilities like in ActionScript or JavaFX. If you want to see if a click happens in a shape, you have usually to create maps of the shapes, each with different colors, on an off-screen graphics, then see if the click happens on a given color, thus on a given shape. Low level, I said.

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