How to implement other Processing libraries in the right way?

I'm working on a Processing library that makes use of the oscP5 library and I'm now unsure how to implement it in the best way.

The description of the Processing Library Template for Eclipse recommends to ship the library including all other jars being used. While looking through a couple of other libraries I couldn't find one that ships with another Processing library.

So is it still a good recommendation in this case? I wonder if this might clash with other instances of oscP5 that users might use in their sketches? How can I avoid this? Is it a better idea to pass a reference of the sketches oscP5 instance from the sketch into the library, similiar to what's mostly being done with the parent PApplet?

Thanks a lot!


  • Toxiclibs is a kind of an example, it ships as a suite of independent libraries. However many of the the libraries are kind of dependent on each other. As are many of the included examples. A dependency on a third party library is kind of tricky if you can live with the current version of that library you are OK (until the other developer has a rethink and totally refactors it that is...).

  • Thanks for your answer! I can live with the current version of oscP5. So your recommendation is simply to include the oscP5.jar into my library? I don't need to worry about major problems with other oscP5 instances?

  • If I keep a copy of the ocp5.jar in the library folder of my library I get this error:

    Duplicate libraries found for oscP5.

    So should I just not ship the library with the current oscp5 version and add a note that oscP5 has to be installed separately?

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