KinectProjectorToolkit - Mirrored image problem

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Hello everybody!

I want to use Gene Kogan´s KinectProjectorToolkit as it looks very promising. While running the CALIBRATION sketch, I have encountered the following problem:

When I e.g. move the checkboard position on my computer screen to the left, it moves to the right in the projection and vice versa. Also, all example sketches of the toolkit run, but are vertically mirrored.

I have found a bug report for SimpleOpenNI (required library) which states that the setMirror(bool) function does not work. I dont know if this could be the problem since setMirror() is set to false in the calibration sketch.

My questions:

  • Does anyone know, what could be the reason for this problem?
  • Does anyone have a running set up of the KinectProjectorToolkit on a Windows 7 64 bit machine, and if so, what versions of the required libraries are you using?

Many thanks! Oliver


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