Using Processing 2 and NXT

Hi I wondered if anyone has used Processing 2 to connect to and control Lego NXT?

I've Googled, but can't find much clear information on connecting, whether I need to flash the brick etc etc. Any advice would be welcome.


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    A Processing app is compiled as Java. That's why the default mode is called "Java Mode".
    So you'd have more chances at finding Lego NXT as a Java library.

    There are other Processing modes like Python, Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, etc.
    Who knows there might be Lego NXT libs for some of those languages?

    Processing has a sister project called OpenFrameworks which is based on C++:

    I believe it's much more probable to find Lego NXT libs for both C++ & Java than any other language!

  • @ basil60 so did that library work?

  • Is there a reason you specifically need Processing to control the NXT and not Java?

    I've used LeJos:

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