Processing doesn't work with APC220 wireless modules.


So, i want to connect Arduino with program,written on Processing, by APC220 wireless modules. I've written a small program for connecting test: when Arduino gets "R", the red led lights up

          import processing.serial.*;

        Serial myPort;
        OutputStream output;

        void setup() {

          size(320, 240);

           myPort = new Serial( this, Serial.list()[0], 9600);



        void draw() {


After connecting Arduino to computer using the USB cord, this program works correctly - it sends on Arduino "R", and led lights up. Then i tried to do it again, but instead of usb cord i connected Arduino board with PC using APC220 wireless modules.
I launched the program,'s not working! Nothing is sent to the Arduino. APC220 drivers are installed on the computer properly. After closing my program and Processing IDE I launched Arduino IDE port monitor. I tried to send "R" to the Arduino, and it worked again!

So,let's generalize my problem: data transfer to the Arduino, using a program written in Processing, works only when the Arduino is connected to the computer by USB cord. If the Arduino connected with the PC by APC220 wireless modules, it doesn't work with Processing program, but it works with Arduino IDE port monitor (i need only Processing software!).

I think, it's not a hardware problem.

Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.

P.S sorry for my english :)

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