How to pass arguments to the JVM using Sublime?

How can I pass arguments like Xms or Xmx to the JVM using "Sublime" and the "Processing Bundle for Sublime Text"?

Additionally how can I do this in using the Processing IDE? Is there some kind of configuration file?

Thank you!



  • About the second question (I don't have Sublime): File > Preferences allows you to set the memory setting (but not finely).

    When you export a sketch, these settings can be found in a text file used by the launcher...

  • Thanks. I know about the memory settings in the Processing preferences. But I would like to pass more arguments, e.g. garbage collector settings.

    In the Sublime Processing package I found a file Processing.sublime-build that contains this line: "cmd": ["processing-java", "--sketch=$file_path", "--output=$file_path/build-tmp", "--run", "--force"]

    It calls the processing-java command line tool. But I can't find any documentation about it and its help doesn't say anything about an option to pass JVM arguments. Is it maybe possible to only build the sketch using processing-java and then run it with an extra java command line call? I found this on the forum, even though I'm not sure if this is what I really need. I could unfortunetly not make it work on the command line either, let alone use it in the Sublime package:

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