Help with Serial read split


Here I have some code there I read serial from an Arduino and split it with the "split()" function. When I in this case have split it in two then I try to rename it to another name and trying to print it put with the new name, then just one work. If I print it out with the split name that in this case is (a[0] or a[1]) then it work just fine. put not with the new name (val1 and val2). So what is wrong?? Code is under. :)

PS: Sorry for my bad English :)


    import processing.serial.*;

    int end = 10;
    String serial;
    Serial port;

    void setup() {
      port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600); 
      serial = port.readStringUntil(end);
      serial = null; 

    void draw() {
      while (port.available() > 0) { //as long as there is data coming from serial port, read it and store it 
        serial = port.readStringUntil(end);
        if (serial != null) {

          String[] a = split(serial, ',');

          int val1 = int(a[0]);
          int val2 = int(a[1]);



  • Wild guess often working with serial:

      String[] a = split(serial.trim(), ',');
      int val1 = int(a[0].trim());
      int val2 = int(a[1].trim());
  • Aha!!! Thanks a lot!!

  • Hello again the ".trim" did`n work :(

  • Hello, could you add println(serial); after if(serial! = null) And tell us the console output to let us check the format of the incoming data

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