Using Simple Multi-Touch (SMT) Toolkit

Simple Multi-Touch (SMT) toolkit


Are you trying to develop a touch or Leap Motion application for a multi-touch table, wall display or computer? Try out Simple Multi-Touch (SMT) toolkit for Processing.


Simple Multi-Touch (SMT) is an open source Processing toolkit designed to make multi-touch computing accessible to non-experts, and to facilitate rapid prototyping of interactive applications. It can either be used in the Processing IDE, or in a Java IDE such as Eclipse.

SMT currently supports

  • Windows Touch,
  • Leap Motion (on Windows),
  • SMART SDK, and
  • Hardware that use the TUIO protocol, which includes most multi-touch tables




  • SMT v4.1 Release

    Please give a warm welcome to version 4.1. This is a stable build, and should be reliable. Please give it a try, and report any bugs either to this thread or to our issues tracker.

    *Please note SMT only works with Processing 2.1.1+. For older versions of Processing, download SMT 3.8


    Download Mirror:

    Release Notes: Release version 4.1

    Updated Website: Simple Multi-Touch Toolkit

    Recommended Processing Version: 2.2.1

  • edited April 2016

    smt for processing 3.xx?

  • We are all waiting for processing 3 support like for months... can we help updating the library?

  • edited January 2018

    If you would like to update the library, check out the GitHub page:

    It is open source so anyone can fork the library, update it and make a pull request.

    The original developers have moved on to other projects, but all help is welcomed.

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