I am trying to use APWidgets to play a video and haver several questions.


1) Does APWidgets only work in Processing for Android? I would love to create and test my sketch on my laptop then simply port it over to the Android device, using the Emulator is clunky and slow.

2) When supplying a path for the video I want to play, I'm unsure where to point it. I thought that if I put the video file in the /data folder of my sketch then I could reference it with just the file name without a path. I tried this but it seems like APWidgets can't find my mp4.




  • Answer ✓

    APWidgets is an Android-only library because it uses native APIs. I don't know of any workaround for testing short of the emulator or an actual device.

    For the video path, my guess is that APWidgets doesn't understand relative paths. You can try providing the path to the data folder - something like this:

    String videoPath = dataPath("myVideo.mp4");

    However, you may run into issues similar to those found on this post, which I still don't know how to resolve short of some native kung fu.

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