How to recognise a sound

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Hi. i'm new to this forum. I want to have a processing code that plays a sound and checks, using the microphone that it is actually physically playing. I a trying to do this by comparing the loudest frequency in the file with the loudest one caught by the microphone.

It works for a really simple sound (some sine waves of different frequencies), but not with a more complex one.

if you want me to send my code, just tell me: i dont want to fill this forum with files if nobody needs them.




  • I can't think of a simple solution. Following your method, you could try to get not only the loudest frecuency but several bands, and their weights too. That's called Formant analysis.

    A typical approach to compare two signals is to get their frecuency spectrums and convolute them (although I'm a little rusty on signal processing). You can get the spectrum using minim's fft, there should be a lot of information on how two do the convolution.

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