serial port change

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hi i am new to processing and i try to make a project from instructables and in the processing code it says in the instructions to change a line with the serial port tha my arduino is using the line is myPort = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[1], 9600);
my arduino is connected to com9
can someone tell me what should i change in order to run the code the part in the code that refers to the serial is this

 // List all the available serial ports
  // COM4 is my Arduino, so I open Serial.list()[1].
  // Open whatever port your Arduino is using.
  myPort = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[1], 9600);
  // don't generate a serialEvent() unless you get a newline character:


  • in my PC, 4 is COM10 check the list in the console. example: Immagine 053

  • what should i type in order to see in which com is in my pc because i type what you told me and i get an error cannot find anything named serial

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