4-Legged robot - I don't know where to start

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Hello! I want to create an animated 3d model of robot-dog, which will contain:

  1. 4 legs with 3 DOF (3 servo+accelerometer in each);
  2. balancing system based on data from accelerometers;
  3. 1 type of walk;
  4. walking on hard random terrain;

The only thing I have is STL 3d-models of legs and servo. I can import a STL into example sketch from ToxicLibs and spin it.
I know that I have to solve IK-problem. I found a solution for 2d and want to rewrite it to 3d. Three vectors in space will be formed under the influence of the surface over which they move. How I can to glue an STL of, for example, ankle to appropriate vector?
What I have to do next?


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    I am confused with most of the language you just used. I have no idea what STL, DOF, servo, STL, ToxicLibs, IK is etc.

    For the uneven ground I would use noise() and a unchanging x/z grid. You NEED to use PShapes , otherwise the frameRate is shit. From there you have to rotate/ translate the PShapes into the positions you want at any given time. You need a good graphics card on you computer otherwise it won't run.

  • This question was from May. Is an answer still needed here? Why post what you did on such an old thread?

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    because I 1.) Didn't see that it was posted in May and 2.) nobody answered! And I've done almost the same thing so I can help :)

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    @heyilovepie: Did you do the robot in hardware or "only" virtual on the screen?

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