xbox 360 kinect on PC installing problem

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A friend gave me a kinect and I am having a little bit of an installation nightmare. It's an XBOX360, model 1414 running on win7-64bit.

Most of the documentation online reference which is no longer an active site. After looking around a bit I came across from where I downloaded and installed OpenNI Beta (x64). I can see the 3 kinect components under PrimeSense in my device manager, but when I run the NiViewer it fails to find the device. I get similar error, when I try to run any of the SimpleOpenNI examples in processing.

Do I need to install anything else to get it to work?

CL NUI Platform preview worked, but I guess that's a stand alone application, right?

Have you maybe come across an up to date site, with instructions for the installation?

thanks a lot georgios


  • ch3ch3
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    ok... I installed the official MS SDK for kinect and worked. Doh... I should have done my homework! =]

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