Has anyone used the new KINECT ONE with SimpleOpenNI?

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Hi, I think the title speaks for its self!

Any info appreciated!



  • I'm curious too! My Kinect is going to eventually break :(

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    Bump for any info, since XBone Kinects are now pretty cheap in the UK. Anyone got one to work with a proper computer?

    edit to add: it appears to be possible in theory, at least.

  • I just looked through the source of SimpleOpenNI at google code and it looks as though something is being developed for OpenNI2 and Kinect 2.0. Although it hasn't been changed since August last year, hopefully it continues being developed.

  • So it looks like this actually isn't possible, at least at the moment. The XBone Kinect apparently has a proprietary connector, without a standard USB adapter. Bit of a dick move from MS imho but there you go.

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