Obtain a data directory's absolute path / where it looks?

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I'm trying to debug this issue of Processing not looking in my Android app project's asset folder (for loading fonts and such). Given this, is there a Processing call that can return the full/absolute path of the directory it's searching in to look for data-files/assets?


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    don't know about android - but this is standard IDE

    println (dataPath(""));
    println (sketchPath(""));
  • there's also variable sketchPath! :-j

    println( javaVersionName );
    println( System.getProperty("java.home")  + "\n" );
    println( System.getProperty("os.arch") );
    println( System.getProperty("os.name") );
    println( System.getProperty("os.version") + "\n" );
    println( System.getProperty("user.home") );
    println( System.getProperty("user.dir")   + "\n" );
    println( sketchPath );
    println( dataPath("") );
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