Can the iPad touchscreen serve as input for Processing on the PC

Is this possible? I know there is a processing app for the ipad itself, could that be used to send data to processing on the computer? any tips would be greatly appreciated

By input i dont mean anything in specific, it could be x,y values, maybe a button on the ipad screen, I'm confident I could make any variation of those work pretty much. Thanks.


  • Take a look at TouchOSC for the iPad, and use oscP5 in your Processing application. I've tested that setup with Android and it was really easy to get going.

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    What velvetkevorkian says sound good. Else you can always make a website, store the values in a database and retrieve the values on your pc.

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    Sry for tripple post, this forum is bugged.

  • Yeah it's totally misbehaving today.

    To expand on the website idea, if you know some web development it's not that hard to set up a websocket connection in Processing, at least on a local network.

  • Ah, I like the website idea, but wouldn't that require that I actually put the website online?

    Also thanks for the replies I really appreciate it.

  • If you don't want to store it online then you could make a local host. XAMP and MAMP are easy programs for that. Then look into how to acces a local host from another computer. I'm not sure if it's possible from an iPad. I think osc would be a lot easier.

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