Calculate Speed of Hand Gesture

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I'm trying to calculate speed of hand gesture from hand tracking. Here's the psuedocode for solving this problem:

f1 = get_current_frame_hand_coordinates()
f0 = get_previous_frame_hand_coordinates()

Then I need a function to calculate distance. my input should be two tuples, here a and b, of size three, i.e. (x,y,z)

    d = square_root( (a[0]-b[0])^2 + (a[1]-b[1])^2 + (a[2]-b[2])^2 )
    return d

dist = e_distance(f0,f1) Basically, here it just plug the tuple values into the equation. I'm not sure how your code is laid out, this is designed for a single set of tuples.

Now that I have the distance, then I just need to calculate the speed.

speed = distance/seconds_per_frame Wikipedia says that the framerate of a Kinect is between 9 and 30 Hz. This means that your seconds_per_frame is between 1/9 and 1/30 of a second.

anybody who know how to convert that psuedocode become a code ? (i'm using processing 1.5.1 with simpleopenNI 0.27)

Thanks you for your attention


  • Speed is distance per unit time. Therefore, speed is:


    To find distance in 3d, i want to use Euclidean distance with the position of the hand in consecutive frames.

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