Logitech Dual Action (F310) use in ProControll problems

I am trying to receive data from the controller, so I can later assign the joysticks and buttons serial commands to send to an arduino robot. To do so, after scouring the web, I came down to Processing and the ProControll library. After some library issues, namely finding 64 bit dlls, I began to test and see if this would work. I ran the example code from the library website that prints all devices, and it does recognize my controller. Now, when I try to run the print sticks example code, import procontroll.*; import java.io.*;

ControllIO controll;
ControllDevice device;
ControllStick stick;
ControllButton button;

void setup(){

  controll = ControllIO.getInstance(this);

  device = controll.getDevice("Logitech RumblePad 2 USB");

  ControllSlider sliderX = device.getSlider("X-Achse");
  ControllSlider sliderY = device.getSlider("Y-Achse");

  stick = new ControllStick(sliderX,sliderY);

  button = device.getButton("Taste 0");


float totalX = width/2;
float totalY = height/2;

void draw(){


  totalX = constrain(totalX + stick.getX(),10,width-10);
  totalY = constrain(totalY + stick.getY(),10,height-10);


it throws a null pointer at the if statement and the Total* = statements. Why should this be, and how should one go around doing what I am set about to do and fix these issues in the code, that seems to have worked for others? ( Complete java noob by the way) I am really frustrated with this right now, as for such a simple with, interfacing with a gamepad, there is almost no information and running code online. All I want is to use a controller and send the button presses and stick movements to the arduino to process. How hard can it be?

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