Proscene v2.0.0-beta1 Released

Proscene v2.0.0-beta1 is out. Download it here and extract it to your sketchbook libraries folder (automatic importing Proscene from your PDE is only available for stable releases, currently v-1.2.0).

The new API has been thoroughly reviewed and documented and may be considered frozen (unless something unexpected requiring a fix happens). Check it out here. We are greatful to Jacques Maire for contributing the new Proscene logo code which is torus solenoid.

The new library architecture comprises the following packages:


A single-threaded timing handler providing timers and animators. The package may be run stand-alone and it's provided in its own tree.


An input handler providing means to translate event input data into high-level user-defined actions. The package represents the new Proscene event back-end, but it may be run stand-alone and it's provided in its own tree too.


Package implementing all sorts of (motion) actions on Frames (coordinate systems). Dandelion depends on both, FPSTiming and BIAS.


Package holding a single class (the Scene) which represents an interface between Dandelion and Processing.

Although the (high-level) Scene API has been re-factored, Proscene1.x users may stick to it and feel at home. Most of the examples ported from Proscene1.x look even simpler now. They all have been re-organized reflecting the new structure to attract those willing to digg into the inners of the new architecture.

Expect for one or two more betas before the final release. We plan to improve the docs, particularly that of the examples. Please report any bug or issue you may find and help us make the upcoming proscene2 as polished as possible.


  • Great! Replaced the a3 with this b1 in my project. The required api changes indeed all made it a bit simpler (earlier/shorter). Will report if I encounter any issues. One thing I noticed, also in the examples, is that when you move with the middle mouse button pressed the whole scene disappears.

  • Fixed thanks for reporting it.

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