Moonpaper - Modular Graphics Sequencer Library

I'm designing a Processing library for sequencing routines called Moonpaper. This is a rewrite of the graphics software used for the Disorient Pyramid, a large LED project at last year's Burning Man. More info here.

My goal for the project is to create an easy platform for creating long sequences, as well as allowing realtime control. Within a sequence or during performance, an artist can create multi-layered animation cels, modulate parameters of graphics routines, stack multiple filters, do transitions, etc. The key is to find the right balance between making Moonpaper modular and highly extensible while keeping it simple.

I have a short tech video that demonstrates multiple layers, transitioning between two different cells, and stacking filters on top of the cel stacks. Here's the video:

The comments in the code will hopefully give a sense of how sequencing is achieved:

It's super early alpha, lot's of bugs, many design decisions still to be made, though most of the features from the Disorient Pyramid software have been implemented. Currently only works with Processing 2.0.3 and only tested on OS X.



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    hi. i'm having troubles experimenting with this library.

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