Getting multi touch points on a windows surface pro 2

I was trying some different libraries with no success for getting multiple touch points on a windows surface pro 2 tablet.

Has anyone got some suggestions on how to do this? Libraries, etc? Simple-multi-touch does not appear to be working.

I may try a surface-to-tuio system.


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    Hi gersart,

    For SMT, try posting an issue on SMT's GitHub page. We do not regularly search forums for SMT related questions.


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    I recently develop a project on a tactile all-in-one under Windows 8. The option that worked best for me was using Touch2Tuio, in wich SMT relies. I used the initialization functions from SMT's source, as Touch2Tuio didn't work out of the box.

    Before that I tried MT4J's method to get native windows events, wich worked nicely but crashed when the touches were very fast :(

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