How to create Movie in Processing 2.0 ???

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Need I need to do saveFrame to disk (maybe so many images )??if yes how to change it save to another folder??? and is there any better idea??


  • Well, if I understood correctly, yes, that's the way Processing makes movies now: save all the images to disk, then use the built-in tool (or an external tool) to make a movie out of the frames.

    To save to another folder, just put the full path in the saveFrame() parameter.

  • is there another way save too much image seems messy .......

  • This is a very common way of dealing with video by professionals. Known as "image sequence". Think the folder containing the frames as your "movie" file. : ) After making a self contained movie out of this, the folder can be deleted.

  • It's ok, you need 20.000 or more images

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