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Hi, I'm currently trying to code something where a usb webcam is the input, instead of my laptop's internal webcam, i was wondering how i was go about doing this as i'm still pretty new to processing video.

Any help would be great, thanks.

Processing 1.2.1 (since there's a video library bug with 2.1.1) Windows 8


  • I had a similar issue on a project I worked on. Try this:

    Go to your computer's Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager (on the top row)

    In the Device Manager screen, click "Imaging Devices" tab to view all the cameras your computer is using and right-click and disable whatever built-in webcam your laptop uses. Basically disable everything BUT your USB Camera.

    Once I did this on my MacBook, processing started choosing my USB Webcam instead.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ah, thanks a lot for the info! I shall try that now and post back if it resolves the issue. Thanks again!

  • Once u connect the usb camera along with the internal webcam, make a code to display the available cameras in processing. Check for the availability of your external usb camera. Check for the range from where the available camera shifts from inbuilt webcam to external usb camera. Once you able to follow the above mentioned steps, you will be able to display the output from both the cameras on a single window.

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