GSoc-2014. Ideas with Internationalization and localization

Hello! My name is Pavel Makeenko, i am 19 y.o. and currently i am studying on the Computer Science faculty at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia). I was really excited to see Processing project as a mentoring organisation on GSoC this year , because i have some good experience in working with this beautiful language and PDE (i worked with fractal graphics when i was really interested in it). I think majority of Processing users are amazed by user-friendliness of this project, and in my opinion this number can be increased by adding good Internationalization and localization. I have some experience with language processing and this idea is very close to me. There are many different ways to do that, and i need to ask some questions about it. 1) What will be the best solution, some not-native open source library, or just simplifying current code to allow it receive some language-describing file which can be easy applied to GUI? 2) Any requirements of i18n standarts?

Also i want to work with some tools which are presented in tool list, especially with Image filters and Famous Curves browser. What really should be implemented?

To conclude, i have experience with Java programming and i really interested in your project idea's, i know that i18n is not too difficult to code, but it should be well organized at all, so this is interesting for me. Please, give me some advices for my proposal.

I am very sorry for my not fluent English.

Thanks for your time :)


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    I wish that Processing's own pre-processor accepted labels outside ASCII range! :(
    Even today, pre-processor doesn't accept something as simple as Java 5's enum! 8-|
    I can only wonder how much time to catch on Java 8 which was officially launched yesterday! :(|)

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