possible idea (related to graphics)


I was wondering about generation of art based on fractals. Fractals are a great tool for digital artists. And I feel that creation of a library dedicated to fractals would further enforce Processing as a tool for visual designers.

Can you please give your comments on this.


  • This idea is about combining Kinect and Graphics. Though, the SimpleOpenNI wrapper is working very well, there are few tasks that are yet to be done. And one of them is Collision Detection (this is also mentioned in the group page). And I was wondering about this topic as a possible proposal for GSoC.

    Btw, I was wondering whether I have to come up with proposal in this forum or, post ideas like I have been doing and then fine-tune them (sorry, this is my first time in GSoC).

    Thanks a lot for your comments.

  • Answer ✓

    Posting ideas here and getting feedback from the community is exactly right. You are also welcome to post your proposal once you get further along for feedback.

    The landscape of libraries for using the Kinect with Processing needs a champion. What to do about OpenNI shutting down? Can the openkinect library be updated with more recent work on libfreenect and compatible with Processing 2.0 (mac and PC?). What about the newest kinect? What other avenues are there for doing depth sensing with Processing? Should it be integrated with OpenCV for Processing?

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